1:1 Instagram Audit & Biz Strategy

Hey sista!
Wanna step up your Insta game? I got you. I’ll dive into your
account and optimize it from all angles. Together, we will conduct a full audit of your IG profile and dive deep into a unique strategy that will facilitate
growth in your online presence and ignite sales in your business.

Are you struggling to grow your business using Instagram?

Are you struggling to grow your business using Instagram?
  • Are you afraid of putting yourself out there on instagram? Do you avoid promoting your offer because you’re afraid that no one will bite?
  • Are you unclear about which types of content to be creating and struggle with generating “Insta-worthy” posts consistently?
  • Do you want to attract ideal followers to your page to so they CONVERT and ultimately become your dream client?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed by the pressure of posting 4x-5x a week? And not seeing engagement afterwards?
  • Do you need guidance in selling your offer using Insta Story as the vehicle?

Hi! I’m Isabella.

Hi! I’m Isabella.

I help entrepreneurial-minded women discover and tap into their bossbabe potential using Instagram and social media as the vehicle. I'm intimate with your fear because it used to be mine. It's scary AF to desire more for yourself, you believe you can't be an entrepreneur however it's all you desire. The voice in your heart has been screaming to act on your true desire, to work for yourself and attain financial freedom. I've helped hundreds of women unleash that little voice that has been quieted down for years.


  • Have confidence that you know exactly how to turn your followers into HOT leads.
  • Attract ideal clients with ease knowing that your IG profile is totally optimized.
  • No more fog or mental blocks when it comes to creating content (a.k.a: you will become a content MACHINE!)
  • No more creating ineffective content, lack of a lead generation strategy, and scarcity mindset.
  • Isabella’s undivided attention during your session, as well as ongoing support.


  • 90-minute private session, with invitation to join my Mastermind or 1:1 coaching program (for you really driven babes).
  • The session will be broken down into two buckets:
    • FULL IG AUDIT: how to get more engaged followers, branding + grid formulation, crafting captions, photography + asset curation, IG story, IG highlights, username + bio optimization.
    • BEHIND THE SCENES STRATEGY: converting followers into sales with your unique funnel, personalized content + growth strategy. crafting captions, photography + asset curation, IG story, IG highlights, username + bio optimization.
  • Learn how to create HIGH engaging content that is heart centered, and your audience CRAVES.
  • Lifetime access to my hashtag matrix.
  • Lifetime access to my Engagement Treasure Chest


  • You want to monetize off of your OWN expertise and personal brand, so you can officially ditch your 9-5.
  • You want to find content freedom by learning WHAT your audience craves, and the strategy that goes behind delivering it.
  • You know you want to invest in you biz, but you don’t know where to start. All you know is: your instagram needs HELP!






What is a 1:1 Instagram Audit & Strategy Session?

1:1 Instagram Audit & Strategy Session is a 90-minute-coaching-intensive where Isabella takes a deep-dive into your Instagram profile and audits your feed content, IG bio, followers, engagement, stories (the whole 9 yards). After a full-analysis, Isabella will create a customized growth strategy from her engagement treasure chest so you can begin growing immediately and effortlessly. Afterwards, you both will determine the best course of action for promoting your current offer (ideal for online coaches) so you can leave with a high-converting Instagram profile and social media strategy.

Will all of my questions regarding Instagram For Business be answered in this session?

Funny story! Each time I have a 1:1 Instagram Audit & Strategy Session and I ask the client “OK! Do you have any questions?” They always respond “Wow, I actually don't, you literally covered everything, I’m SHOCKED!” EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. So yes, all your burning questions will be answered, but you can still pick my brain at the end.

Is this course the right move for me?

Are you currently selling your online services? Do you want to? Is your Instagram in need of a high-level makeover? Then yes, this session is the right move for you.

What happens after I purchase a session?

Have a dance party because you just made an INCREDIBLE investment in yourself & your biz! After purchase, a client intake questionnaire + scheduling link will be sent to your inbox. From there, you can choose any date to have your session.

What support can I expect after the session is over?

All 1:1 clients will have a 48-hour grace period after the time of their session to email any follow-up questions that may have popped up in their mind after the call. Afterward, you can post all your burning questions to my free FB community.

Tell me about your refund policy.

There is none. When you commit to your business, your business commits to you.

I have a super-specific question that only you could answer. How do I ask?

Email us at [email protected], and we’ll be happy to help.

Looking for a long-term relationship?

Need more than 90 minutes with me? Sign up below to get more info on my extended coaching programs.

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