5 CEO Updates & 1 Blog Post

Feb 27, 2021

At the start of 2021,  I began documenting my progress as the “Guava Girl Business Owner” every Friday via Instagram Stories

2 months down of 2021, 10 to go.

If you knew me, you’d know that last year we moved to Orlando from Gainesville Florida (where I went to college and started Guava Empowerment).

If you knew me, you’d know that I tried starting a second business since moving here “The Guava Chateau”, but due personal limitations, bandwidth and complications, I felt like a failure because I couldn’t get it off the ground.

If you knew me, you’d know that I have been on my own journey, which is starting a new chapter in the beautiful city of Miami, Florida. & you’d know how I can’t waaaait and I am kindaaa restless until we reach our new home together. *sigh*

^^^ so that’s what’s been going on “behind the scenes” - now let's jump into the CEO FRIDAY RECAPS!

Update 1, Friday January 29th: 

  • We had just received news that Victor got into grad school! We cried several times and so did our moms. 
  • Reintroduced myself and shared my “origin story” as a 21 year old online business owner and podcaster.
  • Vocalized my dreams of entering wealth management, business consulting, and real estate when we move to Miami, Fl.
  • Expressed gratitude towards having a loyal community that I can take in any direction (monetize, anything!)


Update 2, Friday February 5th

  • A super packed week focusing on client results and growing my business 
  • I outlined my February Guava Strategy 
    • Closer look: this was my blog post, $7 V-Day strategies & my Doodle Dates
      “Funnel”  which then lead to my 1:1 intensives.
  • My art skills have improved and I placed a large emphasis on living a process-oriented life. 
  • Realized that listening to planes flying overhead annoyed me lol

Update 3, Friday February 12th 

  • The birds are chirping and I feel like a cottage Cuban princess! I also remind my Instagram Story audience that I try to do “CEO Updates” every Friday 
  • I drank Silk Chocolate Milk and called it a “key hack snack” 
  • I was DEEP* in my Valentines sale + launch and going on several doodle dates already. So a little drained but happy to be busy and meeting new people.
  • I mentioned “parallel universes” in online biz and living in a state of process again.
  • Victor’s mom came to visit for the weekend and we spent Valentines at an art museum. It was the highlight of my month <3.


Update 4, Friday February 19th

  • Prioritizing was huge this week. I was deep in managing & training my team members (who are awesome) but it meant refocusing on the structure of the organization (change is hard and time heavy but necessary).
  • Launched my 1:1 business intensives and I loved our sales email sequence + checkout page for that offer.
  • Schedule was packed again this week and I interacted with SO many internet friends, I know next month I can’t be on as many calls. 

**went to the mall + bought new cute clothes & I bought new Lush products that made me feel amazing to go into the last week of the Month. 


Update 5, Friday February 26th

  • That’s today! YAY! Next Monday is already March 1st. So on top of my existing “end of month routines”, I’ll be resting a little extra this weekend. (after I finish putting up this blog post, I am persuading Victor to take me out to eat Pizza)
  • Me and the team worked on Guava Gladiator Membership lesson planning for March 
    • We ended up planning out further into April to be ahead of schedule when the move to Miami inches closer 
    • This process is super hard and a bottleneck trying to get perfect. Good news is that it’s going to be uh-may-zing. 
  • I embraced my #cottagegirl vibes extra this week. It’s very authentic and comes natural to me.

I promise to do my best to share these kinds of updates more frequently in the future. It always helps to put my thoughts to paper when trying to organize my mind (Marie Kondo please help me).

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