The Guava Girl Podcast #48: BUILD YOUR BRAND AS AN EXPERT

Sep 16, 2019

Welcome back to the Guava Girl Podcast! Here are highlights from episode #48 Build Your Brand as an Expert.


The Guava Girl Podcast was created with the purpose of empowering women to think entrepreneurially and creatively so they may lead the extraordinary life they never thought possible.


Here you will find the good, the bad, and most importantly, the REAL inside looks of what it is like to work for yourself and feel empowered by doing it. We talk about growing your following on social media, building a personal brand, and what it is like being a woman in a startup culture.


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  • [9:46]  Three principles you need to build your business; then know, like and trust factors.  If you cannot establish these 3 things, you will not make sales.


  • [10:05]  Does your audience know you?  Do they know you exist?


  • [12:46]  Does you audience like you?  Chances are, if they are keeping up with your Instagram stories, they do.


  • [14:00]  Does your audience trust you, and how do you establish that trust?  By educating them and showing them you can in fact help solve their problem.  This is why testimonials are so important.


  • [15:40]  You can never post something too much, or use the same testimonial too many times.  People really won’t get annoyed if you’ve established know like and trust. They simply won’t care.


  • [18:30]  Fourth secret factor: the microcelebrity effect.  An example of this is someone you follow religiously and stay on top of all their content.  Essentially you are a die hard fan. This is an example of how you know you are building your brand as an expert.


  • [21:25]  The microcelebrity formula: values + expertise + characters = enhanced brand factor.


  • [36:37]  Tips for backend construction of your business, including: what you can use to set up a website, landing pages, sales pages, opt ins, etc. 


  • [40:14]  The most important profitable content creation process tip - get out of your own head!


  • [42:13]  Five types of content you should be creating in your business:
    • Teaching content
    • Story content
    • Celebrity content
    • Invitations 
    • Polarizing content




“You are going to make money where you're visible online. Right. Like you are gonna make sales where you're visible on Facebook, on Instagram and your podcast on YouTube. That is where you're gonna make your money.”


“ … we're constantly - like, ‘oh am I posting too much. I've already used this testimonial before.’ It doesn't matter. It really, really doesn't matter. People who like your content, if you have the know factor, like factor and trust factor established, you can't annoy people …”


“So you want to create recognition through the characters of your brands. That way you people recognize you and connect with you that way. Every time they connect you with a character, they think of you.”


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