Turning your Instagram Story DM's "OFF"

Nov 03, 2020

Welcome to this video blog post! 

The video is only 12-minutes long but and below you'll find the biggest takeaways.

(However, I highly recommend making yourself a lunch or nice beverage while you listen to the video 😃)

Problems I was experiencing

  • Toxic thinking and behaviors from autopilot social media responses
  • Getting through a high-stress month due to family, traveling, home maintenance, birthday plans, etc. 
  • Struggling with balancing my direct messages with other notifications
  • Thinking about client touch points that matter versus touch points don't matter
  • Worrying that my high engaging content was not converting into sales effectively enough
  • Having "fans" hinders productivity 

 And then *click*… I turned my DMs and IG notifications off, and that's when the magic started to happen. Immediate value was added into my life since making this decision:

  • I got out of the being in the day-to-day of everyone's marketing streams/cycles
  • I stopped having "fear driven ideas" (ideas that come from me reacting to something I saw on social media.) Instead, my ideas came from my clear head. 
  • I started creating for myself versus creating for the potential reaction of "the audience"
  • I was having way less conversations and initiating less conversations.
  • My clients valued touch points in their designated container 
    • It is OK to not keep up individual events, but be present in their process. 
  • I knew better on the things I needed to act on had the time to take that action
  • I was watching my engagement went UP. My "fans" (that sounds weird saying but you know what I mean) went to my public posts to engage with me 

I also talk a little about using Instagram Reels & momentum to go viral as well as not allowing for discouragement to affect your desire to grow and expand your brand/business.

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