The Guava Girl Holiday Gift Guide 2019 by Isabella Silverio

Dec 09, 2019


Guava Claus is coming to town and instead of a satin red bag full of presents that you’ll end up regifting, it’s filled with items hand selected by me (Isabella) that will make you feel like the most luxy/high vibe CEO version of yourself

I selected these items based on my own personal experience and things on MY personal xmas list this year ❤️

Note: This blog post contains some affiliate links. If you decide to purchase any of these products, I earn an itty bitty commission at no cost to you :) 

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Fashion VS Function, Why Not Both?
Are you living for the #RobeLife? Nothing makes me feel more cozy than wrapping myself in Barefoot Dreams signature soft fabrics - treat yourself to your royal robe, my CEO queen! 



My Best Purchase of 2019
My friend Melissa Lin turned me on to Away luggage earlier this year when we were parading in Italy. I mean - I was cool rocking my black Samsonite but I was ready for a stylish upgrade

These products are AMAZING. Super high quality, innovative interior, and I will 100% be purchasing from them again in the near future. 

I recommend buying "The Large" and "The Bigger Carry On" - I have both in the shade "coast"  


use this link to get $20 off your first purchase ( FYI - I do get a kickback!) 


Mermaid in Miami

There are 2 things you can't have enough of in life: 1) orgasms and 2) jewelry

I am soooo pick when it come to what dangles off my ears, neck and hands. It has to be high quality but not so much that I beat myself up if I misplace it (only exception is my Cartier and LV rings, will never take them off!)

I consulted for Shop Splash Jewels back in 2018 and I am OBSESSED with their mermaid collection! These natural pearls are on my wish list this year <3 




Painful Neck Tension? We Don’t Know Her.

 I discovered this nifty product on a coaching call I was leading. One of my students whipped it out and I had to stop in the middle of the call to learn more about it! If you have chronic tension in your neck, this is a life saver for when you can’t get a last minute massage





Thank Me Later For This One

This is a product that you rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it. I always keep one in my suitcase while traveling in case a strap breaks or button gets loose. 






You Can Feel The Difference 

Teddy sweaters are always cute during the Holiday Season and when I saw UGG releasing their own collection with Revolve, I was one of the first to buy. The quality is buttery and soft, and I purchased this item to keep me warm when I travel to Colorado in January - I just hope I don't spill hot cocoa on it #knocksonskidlodgewood






If You’re Not Afraid of Awkward Stares on Airplanes

The greatest neck pillow - ever. Ditch the crummy pillows filled with noisy microbeads and grab yourself a Trtl Pillow Plus - you’ll thank me later when you’re jetting off to a new adventure and your well rested like the princess you are





Protect Your Eyeballs & Join The Klassy Movement
The Klassy Network has been a partner with The Guava Girl Podcast for 2019 and they HAD to be mentioned in this list! If you've never tried their luxury blue-blocking glasses (or need a new pair to enter the New Year) - it's time to treat yourself!

Perfect timing too because they just partnered with my biz BFF Amanda Bucci on their latest collection. Make sure to use her link to share the Guava support!

I have over 10+ pairs of Klassy Glasses. They make me feel like an effing badass and I know they will have the same magic on you ❤️




Write Down Your Dreams and Goals With These Babies

My favorite pens for journaling and planning in my evil genius notebook. I have probably purchased these pens 5 or 6 times since starting my business and they are so pretty to look at in my home office! (AKA - the pink couch room) 




Protect Yourself!

Webcam stalking is REAL. Purchase these webcam covers and have Mr.Panda protect you from unwanted creepers



My Number 1 Sneaker Choice

The comfiest (and most stylish) shoes I own. I love the leather material because it bounces off dirt and they come in so many colors! 

Bonus: they are super easy to slip on and off in airport security!






For The Sustainable Mama's - HOT new brand launching soon!

I am so proud of my client and friend Karrie Brady for starting her sustainable baby clothing + accessory line, Honey Seed. If you are a new or expectant looking for a modern and minimal baby shop made for mamas focused on quality, sustainability, and ethical production - this might be your go-to brand for 2020!

BONUS: They are doing giveaways until their official launch date on December 13th - be sure to follow HS's instagram to win some goodies before then!



My Secret To Looking Cute 24/7
This year my friend Lynette Hoyle taught me to curl my hair (yup, I never knew!) and whenever I attempted it on my own - I would look like a poodle coming out of the puppy spa. 

I picked up this Remington wand in a Target on Black Friday and it is a magical product. It takes me 10 minutes to look like a million bucks and the ion (idkk? curling technology) makes my hair soooo shiny. I can curl it right after I air dry!




Confidence With Every Stroke

My Guavaboss Alum Daniela Bezara is launching her vegan and cruelty free makeup brush line! I can't wait to add these to my collection when they launch on December 13th! So proud of you chickadee! 

get on the waitlist to snag these synthetic babies when they launch!

Let me know in the comments which you'll be adding to your cart for yourself or a friend! And any other suggestions you think should be on this list 😉 

Happy Holidays Guava Girls!


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