Apr 20, 2020


If you’ve never launched anything before, or if you have but your sales were quieter than one of those weird disco yoga classes where everyone wears headphones, you might find launching a little intimidating.

And maybe you’re thinking to yourself, "Launching sounds like it’s working for you, Isabella, but should I really try to launch something?? Maybe I should just focus on getting 1-1 clients."
I hear you, but this is what you need to know:
Launching works when you know how to do it.
Trying to figure it out all on your own? Yeah, you’re probably gonna have a bad time.

5 Launch Lessons

💎Launching is one of the most reliable forms of scaling your business quickly. It provides an opportunity to inject a large amount of cash (revenue) into your business so that the CEO may reinvest/pay themselves/ keep in savings - I like to do all three
🚀If you’re not warming up your audience before a launch, you’re not going to have anyone to launch to. This isn’t a magic trick where you suddenly sell out your program, you need to actually connect + over-deliver on value
🌷 The common denominators between all successful launches are: Awareness, Transformation, and Urgency. Your audience needs to KNOW that the offer is now available, BELIEVE it will provide them a desired transformation, and UNDERSTAND why NOW is the time to invest
💰Having a FLOP launch does not mean you are a bad business owner. It just means something was not in alignment. 
📝Keep it SIMPLE at first. My launches have gotten more sophisticated over the years by utilizing different email sequences, FB ads, waitlists, etc. By overcomplicating it, you add layers of complexity. making it more difficult to detect the margin of error if things flop.




I like to feel “excited nervous” before a big launch. It aids me in getting in the zone. It feels like Super Bowl Sunday in my house except instead of wearing a bulky helmet, it’s a Klassy Brami Top (use code: GUAVA for 20% off your purchase) covered in Mr. Cash’s fur.

But seriously, it’s a vibe! I call in the enrollment goal I want to hit, and decide it’s happening. I release, surrender, and show up with a whole heart. I’m always in a good mood when I launch because there is nothing to worry about. I am called to bring my offer to my audience and the right women will bite.

A short list of high-vibey activities for me include journaling on happy topics, drinking tons and tons of water (a habit I am always trying to build), listening to my favorite playlist, and if I’m being honest - have more sexxyyy time.

⭐️Business wise, my objective before a big launch is to ensure that my audience knows that something ultra fabulous is coming and that they should get ready. However, this only works if the audience is made aware that they are capable of an epic transformation and that I am capable of facilitating it through my program. 
 You see how that works? 




I have been growing my list since Day 1 of starting my business 2.5 years ago, and want to share what has worked really well for me in the past.

🌈83.6% of my email list are engaged subscribers (opened an email within the last 3 months).
🌈My highest open rate so far in 2020 has been 31%
🌈My lowest open rate so far in 2020 has been 11%
🌈My highest click through rate so far in 2020 has been 6.61%
🌈My lowest click through rate so far in 2020 has been 0.13%
^^ In case you’re wondering, my numbers lean towards above average for an organic email list of less than 10,000 people. However, I am working on innovations to increase these metrics by 15%-20% by the end of Quarter 2 (implementing what I am about to teach you down below). 

A weekly email blast is enough when it comes to consistently nurture your audience. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel every week! Simply letting your subscribers know your latest free content, any special offers, and morsel of positivity is all it takes. Don’t overthink it.

We tag everyone in the list through automations depending on where they found me (Instagram, Facebook, podcast, etc). For example, anyone who signs up and is a brand new member, will be tagged with #welcome and subscribed to my welcome sequence (an automatic series of emails that introduces the member to my different platforms and invites them to take advantage of an exclusive discounted offer).

My highest performing emails are the ones I wrote with heart-centered intention. Connection = Action. Your audience picks up on blasé copy. Speak from your heart. Take the time needed to find the words. Here is a link showing you how to produce from a state of flow, which is really where the magic happens

I’ve gotten my fair share of them - some very, very nasty. I guess people don’t like it when you challenge their beliefs and live your best life? Delete and forget.


Launch assets are the marketing materials you use to promote your offer.

This can be a sales page, Instagram posts, story templates, Facebook banners. Etc.

Many business coaches would say that this creation process needs to be done in advance to “prepare” for the big show, but that sounds like a ton of work upfront #amirite ? I enjoy the feeling of confidence that comes with being prepared, but when I start assigning set dates to everything, it feels constricting. I follow my intuition when it comes to which email should come next or if I need to shift my messaging. 

  ⭐️ Launching + Intuition are like BFFs who come together to make abundant magic 
So YES, create tons of copy and graphics for your upcoming launch, but don’t feel like if you don’t follow an exact formulaic schedule that things are going to go south (actually, it’s that BELIEF that might be sabotaging your success!).

✅Yes, I create timelines
✅Yes, I write 6-10 sales emails in chronological order
✅Yes, I create graphics for all platforms
✅Yes, I stick to a CEO flexi-schedule
But NO, I don’t freak out if I need to make changes or get too busy to show up. Trust that your reputation as a leader and transformer speaks volumes over the nitty gritty of your content. 



After every launch, no matter how big or small, you gotta give yourself a little sumthin’ sumthin. Whether it’s a new plant baby or workout outfit, rewarding yourself tells your brain that you value your hard work. Starving yourself from the luxuries of running a business is a quick way to foster a resentment-fueled relationship from your work.

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