Apr 27, 2020

Any entrepreneur or business owner knows that launching new programs and products is an art...and in episode 70 of the Guava Girl Podcast, I’m sharing what you need to know about the MOST pivotal moments of any super successful launch. 

But before we dive on in, hello to all my new listeners! My name is Isabella Silverio and I’m a CEO Embodiment Coach and founder of Guava Empowerment. My goal? To empower women to think entrepreneurially and creatively so they can create crazy extraordinary lives!

In The Guava Girl Podcast, you will find the good, the bad, and most importantly, the REAL inside looks of what it is like to work for yourself and feel empowered by doing it. We talk about growing your following on social media, building a personal brand, and what it is like being a woman in a startup culture. 

So if you’re ready to learn how to create a SUPER successful (I’m talking multiple-figure-earning) launch, keep reading. And then listen to the whole episode on your fave podcast streaming platform for even more juicy details!

How to Create an Epic Launch, Point #1: Know what a launch really is first.

Now, I know the word “launching” is a bit confusing so let’s break it down. Basically, launching just means building momentum with your audience, letting them know something is coming soon - or is already here and for sale! - that will give them a MASSIVE transformation. 

So launching is all about momentum building. It’s the same thing as selling with maybe a little bit more pizzazz. And it's a really great way to break through an income gap, if I'm being quite honest. If you're plateauing in your income right now, there's nothing like an epic launch to take you over 5 K and maybe even get you to that 10K.

How to Create an Epic Launch, Point #2: And know what launching is NOT: a benchmark of your worthiness or success.

When I had my first launch and it hit like 50K, I felt SUCH a huge surge of accomplishment in my business. And that confidence is like an addictive fuel and it really propelled me forward with my launches after that. So now I launch all the time. 

But it’s so important to realize that launching is not a status of success. Like, it's not a benchmark of how worthy you are or how successful you are. Because at the end of the day, the goal of a launch is to serve people at the deepest level. And, yeah, of course we want to grow our business at the same time. But it’s okay if you've had a few failed launches. I have and it SUCKS. But it happens to everyone.

How to Create an Epic Launch, Point #3: Timing is everything.

So the timing of your launch is important for so many reasons, but here are just two:

First of all, your energy and your mindset behind the launch are so important. And if you're launching from a place of scarcity, it's almost like you've already lost because even if you make a lot of money, you’ll still feel unfulfilled. Because you’re too attached to the monetary outcome instead of your real purpose of serving your people.

Secondly, you need to make sure that you have a really great offer at the time your audience really needs it. Because, sure, if you create something and want to sell it right then, you might get a few sales and a few transformations. But if you want that biggest launch ever, you need to sit your ass down and do some market research. Consider your audience and questions like:

  • What are your pains right now? 
  • What would be your perfect situation if we were to work together? 
  • What would that collaboration look like? 

And once you collect a lot of information, also just ask yourself, “What feels really in alignment for me?”

How to Create an Epic Launch, Point #4: Make sure your audience is trained to buy from you.

Equally important as timing is making sure your audience is warmed up to buy before you launch. There is a learning curve with our audiences when it comes to them being comfortable to purchase from us. So if you don't regularly sell to your audience, your audience isn't trained or your audience isn't expected to buy from you. And when you do finally have something to sell to them, they're going to be like, “Hey, what happened? You've never offered anything before and now you're launching something. What's this? I've never heard of this before.” 

And just like they need to be ready to buy from you, your audience needs to BELIEVE:

  • They are worthy of a transformation 
  • You are capable of giving them that transformation 

Because if that message is not clear in your audience’s mind, they’re not gonna buy from you, even if you think your offer is like Beyonce in a freakin’ bottle. 

How to Create an Epic Launch, Point #5: Understand your audience’s buying behavior on social media.

And before you start freaking out wondering out how the heck you’re going to do that, here’s a pro tip: the best way to understand others’ buying decisions is to study your own first. So ask yourself: How do I invest in programs? What gets me over the fence to say yes?

Maybe it’s feeling connected to the seller. Maybe it’s how thoroughly and quickly they answer the questions you DM them. Maybe it’s how well their program compares to others on the market when you do a lil’ research.

Whether your answer is, you want to make sure your launch content is checking off that box...and ALL the boxes. Because your content needs to be effective for every single type of buyer behavior. So you want to have content for your launch that is directed to people who connect to you, people who need to know every single detail, people who do online research, etc.. 

track everything. So I think if someone saw the behind the scenes of my launch, their jaws would drop. Just of how much we track everything.

How to Create an Epic Launch, Point #6: Track EVERYTHING.

So the last little nugget I’m going to leave with you is to track everything. And I’m not kidding. During my launches, my team tracks every email open, every sales page view and every checkout page view. All those things. And there are a couple reasons why.

First, data collection is so important when comparing different types of launches. But also it is so assuring to see a spike in sales page views and interests after you go on Insta story and you pitch your heart out. And this helps you make strategic decisions on how you are going to promote your launch next. Because, really, launching can be as logical or pre-planned or as flexible or flowy as you want. 

But what I teach is to always include some room for flexibility within your methodology. That way, there’s always room for you to share whatever is on your heart that you need to say to the people on the fence about buying your program right then.

The Bottom Line of How to Create an Epic Launch:

The more comfortable you can get with the art of launching and with the process of selling programs and offers and products, the more momentum you can build and the more sales you can actually make. 

So to hear even more about ALL the kick-ass hacks I outlined above, listen to episode 70 of the Guava Girl Podcast on your favorite streaming platform. 

And then I’d freakin’ love for you to find me on Instagram as @isabella.guava and #GUAVAGIRL so you can be part of this growing and empowering community!



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