The Guava Girl Podcast 16: My Best Biz Investments (from $100 to 20k) of 2018

Dec 10, 2018

In this episode of The Guava Girl Podcast: we get REAL about $$$. Money is taboo, in this episode we're transparent and talk about the BEST investments I've made for my business. 


1. What investments to make starting a business, from mastermind courses to registering an LLC! 🙌 ✨Specifically, my business investment history from when I first started the biz. Everything from step negative one to right now and where my future projections will be taking me.

2. How to decide when the right time is to invest in your biz, and how much to dish out! 📅💵A topic that can sometimes be seen as taboo but I seriously believe that if you’re having a financial convo with the right people, who view money the same way you do, it can become something magical. I used to carry a negative money mindset connotation around with me, until I started viewing money in a completely different way. Now I’m investing way more and seeing WAY more come back to me. I’ll admit it, I was scared to see that much money go at first, but once I did it, I never looked back.

3. The BEST (and not so great) investments I made while starting my biz - learn from me! 😜 💖Intrested in what my first crucial investments were for my business and how they lead to success? Find out if it will work for you too! 

4. Making sure your investment comes back to you (and then some!!) 💰 & MORE!! We’ll be chatting about how I’ve always seen an ROI throughout my entire 2018 year of business, and why it's always important to just go with your gut girl! 😜


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