The Guava Girl Podcast #49: SHOW UP AS THE CEO OF YOU

Sep 23, 2019

The Guava Girl Podcast was created with the purpose of empowering women to think entrepreneurially and creatively so they may lead the extraordinary life they never thought possible.

Here you will find the good, the bad, and most importantly, the REAL inside look of what it is like to work for yourself and feel empowered by doing it. We talk about growing your following on social media, building a personal brand, and what it is like being a woman in a startup culture.

Find me, Isabella Silverio, on Instagram as @isabella.guava and #GUAVAGIRL to be part of this growing and empowering community.


  • [2:27] Importance of thinking as a CEO like we really should. 
  • [3:55] Acting and making decisions like a six-figure CEO. 
  • [6:46] Long-term purpose of having a business. 
  • [9:22] Concepts and resources that we have to take advantage of. 
  • [10:41] Hows of sharing your success with your parents and other people.  
  • [13:23] Emotional state and emotional balance of a 100k CEO. 
  • [19:46] Having vision since Day 1. 
  • [24:10] Product Delivery - what do you offer?
  • [25:12] Teaching lessons as part of your curriculum.
  • [28:25] Auditing internal structures of your business.
  • [28:48] Building and outsourcing your team - creating a role for each member.
  • [29:34] Process of hiring a team and delegating corresponding tasks.
  • [30:04] Setting of expectations on your new team.
  • [31:31]  Audit your marketing.
  • [32:57] Ways to outsource people.
  • [37:10]  Auditing the finances of your business. 
  • [47:00] Entrepreneur - the self-audit: outsourcing in real life.
  • [52:59] Auditing your creation & idea - developing creative content.


“We do audit our business regularly. Truth is, when we do that, what we are actually doing is that we are innovating our business. Innovation as a concept is change for the better and change for improvement.”

“The lessons you're teaching is what you're building your curriculum on. Your curriculum then becomes your signature process for the student or the ideal client. “

“Not everyone can just come in and work for you. Business require job descriptions, roles and expectations.”

(On hiring members of your team) “Don't hire a bunch of people all at once. It was a very slow process because it has to be something that's sustainable. The most important thing is not just if your team is meeting expectations and their responsibilities but if you're seeing a return on your investment.”

“You're building a business to provide for you and your livelihood for years to come. This is not a program for just a bunch of quick wins. This isn't a program to get followers or get famous, whatever it is. This is a program that's going to fuel your livelihood for ever.”



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