The Guava Girl Podcast 17: How My Fitness Journey Helped Me Make 80K

Dec 14, 2018

The Guava Girl Podcast was created with the purpose of empowering women to think entrepreneurially and creatively so they may lead the extraordinary life they never thought possible.

Here you will find the good, the bad, and most importantly, the REAL inside looks of what it is like to work for yourself and feel empowered by doing it. We talk about growing your following on social media, building a personal brand, and what it is like being a woman in a startup culture.

In This Episode You’ll Hear About:

I talk all about the struggles and how pushing through my fitness journey helped me make 80K in my business. You’ll also hear from the amazing Evelyn Huynh, fitness and business coach, and how she helps me and other women entrepreneurs prioritize their health and business goals.

This episode is for the entrepreneur who is looking to find balance in their sedentary laptop lifestyle day to day and confidence in their body and mind.

I had just launched my mastermind, it was the biggest launch to date and I decided to invest in a fitness coach, I serve a lot of fitness they are my clients and they get a lot of great results, but I’ve never had an online fitness coach, I just wanted to be in that space and be a client to people who could potentially be my client, so I hired Evelyn Huynh and she’s still my fitness coach.”

One of biggest pushes that helped me to decide to bring on a fitness coach was that I continued to put myself down to myself, to my boyfriend, my friends. And I realized “this was having a direct effect on how I viewed myself and in my productivity and in my business. I didn’t have a healthy relationship with food or the gym…. We just didn’t get along for a really long time.”

Hiring Evelyn Huynh transformed my entire existence. She helped me:

  • lose 10 pounds of fat.

  • add an extra 50k in the last 3 months of the year income to my business.

  • heal my relationship with food and eat MORE.

  • gain more confidence in the gym & myself.

Embarking on this fitness journey was something extremely new and a new side of myself, I was never a sports girl growing up, and I couldn’t swallow being a completely fitness-focused person.

“I understand why people call it a journey now because it really is a journey.”

“Sometimes you’ll have great workouts and sometimes you won’t and that’s okay. I’m really glad I gained this confidence to be fit.” 

On this podcast, you’ll also hear some tips & tricks to helping my body work at its max capacity… because you know I’m all about the bottom line.

Tips and Tricks to Helping My Body Work at Its Max Capacity:

  1. Limiting my gluten consumption: Although having a big bowl of pasta at the end of the night sounds awesome, limiting my gluten consumption and not having it in the morning or late at night really helps with digestion and doesn’t leave me feeling bloated in the start or end of the day. Avoiding carbs has also helped keep me super sharp and my mind focused because I’m not feeling heavy throughout the day.

  2. CHUG water in the morning: Even though you might hate it, just do it. I’ll chug water in the morning as soon as I get up, reward myself with coffee, and then chug water again. It helps to get your mind on the right track and feeling refreshed, you should be drinking at least 2 liters of water a day. My mammoth mug helps me do this throughout the day!

  3. Lifting weights: My weekly workout normally consists of lifting weights four times a week, one HIT workout, and then 15 minutes of cardio after lifting weights. It’s important to have variety and not push yourself too hard on just the treadmill or just HIT workouts.

  4. Having a green powder of sorts: To get all my greens in, because salad are boring AF and to reduce bloat throughout the day, I use this amazing green powder superfood. I put a scoop of the superfood, water, lemon juice and mix with ice (it’s a lot better cold) and chug it at the beginning of the day. 

It’s important to acknowledge when you’re putting yourself down and when you need to pick yourself up again. I’m definitely not a fitness person but wanted to talk about the things that have worked for me! It’s important to remember that you can’t have it all, the perfect Instagram, the perfect body, the perfect business, etc.

This is a journey to finding motivation, confidence, discipline.

I made the commitment to go to the gym when I don’t have the motivation to go, but be disciplined enough to follow my commitment.

If you’re waiting for the motivation, it’s never going to come, you have to create it.

You’ll also hear from a wonderful guest:

The wonderful Evelyn Huynh herself shares a clip about how she started her fitness and business coach business and how she helps women find confidence and fitness in their fitness and business.

She says that she sees, “So many women experience a disconnect with their bodies and their business that they’re not showing up online as confident as the could be.”

Evelyn has helped women entrepreneurs find confidence in their passions and take control of the fitness and business to show up confident, raw, vulnerable and honest to make your audience know and love you more than they already do.

She has also released the Evolved Entrepreneur Academy program, where she is accepting only 10 high-level boss babes to embark on this fitness journey together, share the season of growth in their business and kill it online.

“This program will encompass everything fitness health and beauty, which means training, nutrition, and body care, branding and positioning, so auditing your online identity, which basically means how your positioning yourself in the online world. We’ll also be going over what limiting beliefs are holding your back from showing up as your most confident and authentic self, and there’s so much more.”

You can find more information at @evelynhuynhfitness and on her website The Evolved Entrepreneur!

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