The Guava Girl Podcast 19: Revealing My Sales Secrets

Jan 04, 2019

The Guava Girl Podcast was created with the purpose of empowering women to think entrepreneurially and creatively so they may lead the extraordinary life they never thought possible.

Here you will find the good, the bad, and most importantly, the REAL inside looks of what it is like to work for yourself and feel empowered by doing it. We talk about growing your following on social media, building a personal brand, and what it is like being a woman in a startup culture.

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In This Episode You’ll Hear About:

I have no doubt this is going to be one of the most listened to episodes on this podcast because I give it to you real and I give it to you straight. This episode is all about gaining the confidence to really sell and to really make the revenue impact that you want to in 2019. So if right now you are struggling to get sales and you are struggling to get people from the DM’s to a phone conversation, you’re struggling to receive payment from them. Maybe they gave a verbal “yes” but they backed out last minute.

How do you deal with all of that?

We are going to deal with every single struggle about the sales process and go through the entire sales process in this episode. And I’ll talk more about actionable steps to landing the sale specifically on sales calls.


Being confident on the sales call and the sales process will beat all of the uncertainty that someone will have who is on the phone with you. Confidence is key! Practice your confidence in the mirror or get a friend to pitch to. You have to put it into practice to become confident.

How do you become confident?

By being so sure of your offer. You have to be so sure that your offer is completely possible and probable, that you are going to change someone’s life by the product your offering them. You have to know that they are crazy if they don’t work with you.

I am so passionate about this, that I fill up spots on the guava mastermind in just a couple weeks when I launch it because I what I’m talking about, I know what I’m doing, and I know I can change their business.


What is “if you want” language?

Example: (On insta stories) “Oh, if you want to get my vault it would be cool and it would help you out a little bit but you know, you don’t have to, but it’s only if you want it….”

If you’re speaking to your clients in an “if you want” language, you are not being actionable enough.

“If you give people an inch they will take a mile.”

THIS is how your language should sound.

Example: (On insta stories) “Hey everyone! If you have not purchased my Instagram vault yet, What're you doing?! Don’t you want to make more sales in 2019? Don't you want to have an Instagram profile that will help you build your brand and move the needle forward in your business? What's going on? Send me a message, let's talk through it and let's get you signed up!”

You need to be authoritative. This is often the biggest disconnect with most people. You need to create an offer that will transform people’s lives. Don’t be worried if you only have a few clients. That means that you just need to deliver the shit out of them. Eliminate all that worry and doubt. “You focus on the client and you focus on their results so they can get you those high ticket clients.”

3. Market Research

You need to research your market so that you can be confident about selling hard as a heart-centered entrepreneur.

I only sell to people who can afford my stuff. If they cannot afford it, that’s why you create a cheaper option for them to use in the meantime.


1. Application

  • You need to have an application.

  • Use Google forms or Typeform and create B O U N D A R I E S.

  • Make sure they apply for your program and ask them, “Have you ever invested before?”

  • Someone who has never invested before will be more hesitant. And if their application isn’t looking the best then you can choose to not schedule with them.

  • I promise you 2019 has so much in store for you. You can’t just be so accessible to people because you’re gonna get burnt out.

2.  Selling on Stories

  • Avoid the “if you want” language.

  • Give them actionable steps.

  • Clear call to action. “Go apply to the link in my bio.” or  “Comment YES if you want me to reach out to you.”

You can automate this process to set up the call with a Calendly link in the Thank you page after they submit the application!

3.  On the call


You want to start the call by building a rapport. Asking questions like, “Where are you located again? How are you?”

“The big thing here is that you are in control of the call. You are the authority and the confidante.”

The first question you’ll ask is “So what made you apply for my program?”

They’ll start diving into they’re problems or they will compliment the shit out of you. And this is a great way to start off the call because they are either coming to you with their problems so you can offer solutions to their pain points or you’re starting off on a very positive note because the potential client is sitting there going on about how great you are.

Hot tip: Let the woman talk, women aren’t always heard, they’re not always around like-minded women. And you’re the first to be listening to them intently, so then you want to dive a little bit deeper.

Discovery phase:

What they want to work on, pain points, and dive deeper into them, asking to hear more about certain ones.

Ask them what is going on, ask them what their support system looks like, and that’s where you make a real connection because you’re probably the first person that they talk to that is actually caring about them and their status.

About the program:

Before this, you need to ask if there is anything else that they want you to know about before you talk more about the program.

Go into the call with a “fuck you” attitude because you are the one who will determine if you want to invite them to your program or not.

Do not overwhelm them!

It’s so overwhelming to go through everything, step by step. Give them one thing at a time but don’t give them everything. Take your time, pause, and ask for understanding.

This section of the call should look like this:

  • Introduce to the program

  • ”Do you have any questions about that?”

  • More information about the meeting times.

  • “Do you have any questions about that?”

  • “What are your expectations as your coach if we both decide we want to work together?”

  • “I expect you to get on the calls, the homework and be present.”

Well if you don’t have any questions I’d like to go into the nitty-gritty, my price is X…. Sometimes, there’s an awkward pause and the excuse is almost always, “I have to talk to my husband and/or check my finances.”

Landing the client/sale:

Your job is to figure out what is going on in their mind.

Asking them questions like, “Does your husband support your goals?, What’s coming up for you when it comes to investing in yourself?”

You have to coach them to level up because they are facing a lot of resistance from the fear comes up.

I almost always ask my potential clients this “Are you worth the bet, are you worth it?”

You are not there to negotiate, you are there to offer you services, tell them their life will be changed and tell them how your business process works. This is a great time to offer payment plans.

So once they’re on board, you want to get paid over the phone. People back out all the time, they start talking themselves out of it, and after they get off the phone their ego is preventing themselves from going forward. You want them to know that you put some skin in the game, you want to get that actionable yes.

When it comes to worrying about sounding needy to receive payment over the phone, you don’t have to sound needy, if they are saying yes, be stern, and show them that this is the way your business process works.

You are in control of the calls, they are so lucky to have you!

Q + A:

How do I get more comfortable when it comes to landing high ticket sales?

“So, I kinda covered this in the podcast. You need to be super clear with the value you are providing in your offer. You must look at the value you’re offering, always revisit the value, what is it worth to you and add more to it if you need.”

How do I give advice in DM’s to get them on the phone?

“I think you should keep the conversation in the DM’s as brief as possible because of the fact that DM conversations tend to die out naturally. I would always encourage them to apply for your program, schedule a call, and then do everything I said in this podcast!”

Currently, I accept payment via Venmo. What’s a good way to accept invoices without sounding needy?

“I would definitely get PayPal to streamline your invoicing process more so set yourself up with an account. You don’t have to sound needy, just tell them this is how my business works, and this is the payment process. When it comes to making sales you want to make sure it's an empowering decision for them. You want to make sure that you know and stand very tried and true by how can you make this an empowering decision for them. Ask them “what is going on,” they’ll respond, “I don’t know what’s holding me back.” You’ll say, “Maybe it’s your fear telling you-you don’t need this investment.” Yes, there is great value on the internet, but the reason I’m so pushy on my content is because I provide accountability and they have access to me, that’s where the value is. You need to set it up so that the value is clear for both parties.”

How to turn them into paying clients, I find it hard how to speak with them?

“Avoid the if you want language.”

Using personal branding, to drive sales on Instagram?

“Use the Instagram vault!!!”

Any ideas on what to create for sales like ebooks and other content?

“Determine what is really going to draw the attention. Do market research and create 10-15 struggles that your market is really dealing with and create content for each of those struggles, tackle them head on and you will get a great response!”

How to DM people when giving free information and trying to transition into the sale?

“Don’t sell over DM, create content that will make them take action and give them a little piece of advice. Get them to apply and get them on the phone.”

How to get people who are on the fence to join your product?

“Ask them, “what is happening right now, or going on right now and listen to them.”

DM strategy with potential clients?

“Keep it brief, this is also in the insta vault. Don’t just be an open book!”

If you’re struggling to make sales, practice practice and practice, with your girlfriends, in Facebook groups. You can join mine here. I allow pitches in my group from our members so you can always join the group and practice your pitch in there too! There are always connections and sales landed in my group!

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