The Guava Girl Podcast 20: How To Start A Podcast In 2019

Jan 17, 2019

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In This Episode You’ll Hear About:

Today, I’m talking about a brief history of starting my podcast. So, I started a podcast in April 2018. I had so many other things I should have focused on, but I essentially hopped on the podcast bandwagon. In the past, I have had issues with follow through, so I was like okay I’m going to put out two episodes a month, and I just couldn’t do it on my own. I mean I was pretty consistent and would get out the two a month, but then it just started feeling like a chore.

The downloads were very low; I was getting less than 100 downloads. Maintaining the Instagram and upload time, was not consistent either. So, not a lot of people were leaving reviews, because everything was just inconsistent and all these factors did not lead to a successful podcast.

But, I always had a podcast producer, I was always very clear that I didn’t wanna do the podcast editing. So, she has been helping me from day one, she edited my very first episode, the GuavaGirl ten commandments, which is still favorite to this day. It’s honestly such a good pick me up, and it really sets the tone for the new year.

The first podcast was completely scripted, and I wrote everything down, I was so nervous, I had no idea what to say. We filmed the intro and other things like 100 times. But, now I kind of freehand the podcast, I have an outline and use facebook questions as well.

I’ve been told I have a good podcasting voice (not trying to say other people don’t), but others don’t sound like they’re passionate about what they are saying.

For me, I have very high energy; you never know what I’m gonna say. To have a successful podcast you have to high energy, you want to make their day, and try to not be a dull person.

People listen to podcasts in the morning; they want to feel like, “Yeah this is such a great way to start my day!” You have to have the audience feeling that really high energy, want them to say, “Holy shit, yeah she’s cursing, it’s such a good time, she totally read my mind!” So these are things I learned on the back burner of podcasting.

I’m going to be really upfront about pricing, so I paid Kelsey, my podcast producer, like $50 an episode just for recording. This was before she did any of my graphics, I would upload into Anchor, which is a platform to upload your podcasts on. And then all Kelsey was doing was recording for the audio and fixing like the off balance, editing, and cuts.

I would always recommend outsourcing. I have friends that have podcasts and aren’t outsourcing, but they can’t be consistent, they have a good listenership but so much of their week is dedicated to the podcast. Recording takes an hour or so, editing another one and a half hours, creating graphics another hour, so that’s almost 3 hours of your week that you’re dedicating just to this podcast.

And it’s not just a podcast it’s a huge driver for sales in my business. I am creating touch points with you guys, connecting with you, answering your questions, and giving unlimited value to you. I literally give it all away every fucking time on this podcast. If you listened to my sales podcast you know, I didn’t hold back. You guys sent me in my DMs saying, “I made 8k listening to your last podcast.”

If you’re trying to build your brand, trying to get clients, make sales, passive income. You want to position yourself as a leader.

I know what it’s like to watch a webinar, IG lives, free trainings and feel like there’s still something they’re not telling me or something you’re not being enlightened on. So, I give you guys full transparency in this podcast. Maybe I don’t give you guys the scripts, and the templates and accountability like I give my clients, but they’re my clients. I care about them more than life itself, and they get those exclusive things!

You definitely want to be seen as very trusting, and don’t be afraid to give it all away. I don’t hold back on the podcast.

#1 High Energy

Don’t be afraid to be yourself and make sure you’re not being fake. I actually am this high energy, Cuban mess!

#2 Outsource

It will take up so much of your time if you decide to manage a podcast by yourself, so outsource if you can because they will help add so much value.

My podcast producer, Kelsey, now does a lot more for my podcast for about $100 an episode or so and she does all the graphics, uploads into Anchor, makes the description and posts on Instagram on the podcast Instagram for me as well

So, managing a podcast does take a lot out of you, it takes a lot of creative energy, and output. Three hours is a lot of time; it’s honestly draining, you should be outsourcing. So, contact Kelsey if you need help with your podcast!

Q + A:

How do you make your podcast fun and energetic when you’re trying to give advice and best practices to help others?

“Wow, that literally is this whole podcast. Always be yourself and don’t be afraid to be yourself. Bring up things that everyone knows about, a lot of my audience is a little older than I am, around 25-35, so I make some references to them and people my age. But it took me a couple of episodes to get comfortable and get used to the sound of your own voice. Ok, I cannot listen to my voice and my own podcast, it just sounds screeching and its urky!

But, I would definitely tap into your inner child and have a list of topics that you’re going to go over so have a decent outline.”

What do you need to record, software/hardware equipment and what are there costs associated with running a podcast?

“Awesome question, I used a microphone called GoMic that was $40, and we use Garageband which is completely free. I have since upgraded my mic to a Scarlet Solo, and I also have headphones with a little mic, I look like a pilot or a telemarketer.”

How to start marketing your podcast? How to get started?

“When it comes to marketing your podcast, it is a little bit more difficult, you do want to incentivize your listeners like I give the free audits and you guys fucking love that, and the reviews have never been higher. You guys absolutely find so much value from that. So, getting people to leave reviews, also creating a separate Instagram profile for your podcast as well, and get on other peoples’ podcasts.”

How soon is too soon to start?

“I think I started too early. At the same time, it's my path, I love my path, I learned a lot from my mistakes, and now my podcast is a lot more successful than where it was when I was putting out two podcasts a month. It wasn’t gaining as much traction as it could have, the hype was down, listenership was down, everything was down so I would definitely commit to 3 episodes a month if you can, and if you can’t commit to at least three, I wouldn’t do it.

If you can’t afford to put $55-$75 for each episode, it’s going to take a lot more time. It is going to be so much more effective if you can outsource. So, if you can put out 3-4 episodes a month, they don’t have to be long, they can be like 20 minutes.”

Where do you share your first podcast and how do you make it onto iTunes or Spotify?

“Great question. We upload on Anchor; they are a distributor. iTunes is where we first went live, and then Spotify took about three months for us to get on, I think it has the longest application time, but Anchor does it all for you, it will automatically apply to those for you, and it’s 100 free we don’t pay for it!”

I already have a pod, but often get stuck about what to share on there, how much content should I give for free, should I sell on the podcast?

'Really good questions, so I definitely have gotten stuck when it comes to ideas, but that’s when you can go to your audience, use the poll option on Instagram and have them tell you what you want until you can come up with a solid idea and then it’ll be like a surprise to them once you decide on your topics and air the show.

Don’t be afraid to give it all away for free, I know some people feel like people are supposed to be paying you for your knowledge, and they are, but really, people are paying for your accountability and your YOU-ness and to be in your network as well.

YES, sell on your podcast, I have the Insta Vault, Hashtag Matrix, Engagement Treasure Chest, live coaching, and the GuavaBoss Mastermind. And I know deep down people need to hear it like 8-10 times until they are like, “Fuck, you know what yes I need this.”

People have approached me to advertise for them, but I don’t use them I’d rather advertise my own materials. Ones that I know work and give the user the result. So, I don’t have a problem selling my stuff on my podcast. I’d much rather have you listen to advertisements for products that I know work!”

I’m afraid I’ll run out of content ideas, how do you make sure you have something to talk about on a weekly basis that your audience wants?

It’s so important to write your ideas down, you might feel like “No no one wants to listen to that but, you honestly don’t know what other people want to listen to. Your ideas are never stupid. So, write them down, flesh them out. We have something in the Guava Empowerment Pipeline, which is a document where I flesh out content.

How to really spread the word and get people interested?

“Consistency is key, make a separate IG profile, create graphics, Pinterest has been a huge driver for my business lately. I recently brought on a Pinterest manager, and she has been killing it!

Yes, it can be time-consuming but that’s why you outsource it, this is a very big part of my business. You have me in your ears for 30 minutes to an hour a week, to me, that is a lot of power. Podcasting for your own biz is so crucial.

If you’re wanting to pitch yourself to be on someone’s podcast, EMAIL, do not DM me saying “I wanna be on your podcast!” I will not answer it. No one just lets anyone, and everybody be on your podcast, and you need to make sure you spend the time to choose who should be on your podcast. If you’re looking to be on someone’s podcast, you definitely want pitch yourself and state what you bring to the table, what your going to talk about, and how they will resonate with it.”

Also, a secret low key way to get people advertising your podcast is to screenshot this podcast and post it on their stories!

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