The Guava Girl Podcast 24: Instagram Secret Growth Hacks with Marie Wold from Grind & Be Grateful

Feb 14, 2019

 The Guava Girl Podcast was created with the purpose of empowering women to think entrepreneurially and creatively so they may lead the extraordinary life they never thought possible.

Here you will find the good, the bad, and most importantly, the REAL inside looks of what it is like to work for yourself and feel empowered by doing it. We talk about growing your following on social media, building a personal brand, and what it is like being a woman in a startup culture.

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In This Episode You’ll Hear About:

Today we’re talking about something you either love, or love to hate… Instagram. Whether you use the app to grow your business, build a following, or stay connected to your friends and family, you’re probably scrolling and double tapping on the daily.

Instagram growth guru, Isabella Silverio is breaking down the strategies and hacks for Instagram success. You might know her as Isabella Guava, and she is a content enthusiast, social media master and full-time business consultant for her company, Guava Empowerment.

Isabella been involved in the launches of 10+ global startups since the age of 18, and her expertise spans from the tech, fitness, personal branding, and influencer marketing industries. Her passion of empowering entrepreneurially-minded women is a driving force for her and her business, and I cannot wait for you to hear her story and learn all of her Instagram expertise.

Q + A’s:

How does the algorithm impact us and how can we work with it?

I love this question. Everyone feels like a victim of the algorithm. Everyone needs to know that Instagram is a big computer, you know, like the end of the day it's a manmade computer and an algorithm is just a way for that computer to process data information from its users. And it's going to rank, the algorithm is going to coordinate all of the content posted on the application according to your audiences or your own behaviors on the application. So that's like the most technical way of, of defining what the algorithm is. But basically, you know, the best of the best gets thrown to the top and everyone always wants to be thrown to the top right. So you got thrown to the top of everyone's feed. That takes a lot of algorithm hacking.

So what is algorithm hacking and how do you do it? 

I want to like preface that you know the algorithm is not working against you. You have to work with it. Your relationship with Instagram is on a, on a spectrum where it's like red to reddish, orange to yellow, yellow to green Right? And you always want to be in the green. That way you are in Instagram's good graces. If you're using bots, if you're using those like nasty growth bots, Instagram doesn't like that and they can tell cause there's like a big really big computer.

Obviously, there's been like some rumors about Instagram shutting down pods! Pods are an excellent way to grow your engagement and to also grow your following.  So some really tactical practices to get into the green graces of Instagram is to respond to comments immediately. So you have to be active after your post goes live Instagram is identifying that activity.

They're like, wow, there's like a party happening on a, on Isabella's picture. Let's bring that up to the top because I think other people are going to want to see this, right? So if five people comment on your picture and you respond to five comments, that's turning five into 10 right? So that's like the first thing you should be doing is always responding to comments. One, you know, because it's going to drive up engagement. But two, it's like the decent thing to do. Right. And you're having more touch points with your audience. Like I always respond to all my comments, right? - Isabella

How do people position themselves as an expert in something if they don't feel like they're? How do they feel secure in being an expert?

I feel that especially with a lot of like beginners, you know, beginning entrepreneurs, people who are just starting their business now and in the beginning of 2019 is, you know, for a while at least this from my experience, I did everything at anything for my clients. I built websites for my clients. You know, I was just like available to them because I just needed to see like what I was good at, what you're going to be an expert in. Whatever takes you, whatever takes someone else like three times as long to do. If you can do it faster than them, that's probably your expertise. Right? So for me, always come, came back to Instagram, like my clients would, um, I would post on Instagram for them and every time I posted for them they got so much more engagement and views then when they did it.

So it was always coming back to Instagram and growth and impact than it was ever going to like website design, building, landing pages, you know, I know how to do all that stuff. But for me, my zone of genius was always going back to the thing that took me a lot less time than other people to do. And like, just understanding it and making, you know, took me a really like over like a few years to really understand the way Instagram and Facebook, social media work with the algorithm, with testing and, and something I'm really lucky to have learned as millennial buying behavior. Right? Like working in startups. A lot of those startups that I worked at was targeted to millennials, the products and services. So I learned their behavior. So when it came to Instagram I was like, okay, this was just a different, a different machine I have to work the gears of, but I get it.

Takeaway: Learn what you do better than someone else and that's what you are an expert in! 

What are some of the tangible things that like you teach to your clients as the pillars of light of Instagram?

So that's like number one, commenting back, you know, rewarding behavior that you want to keep seeing. Number two, you know, this is like the unsexy answer and it's like you gotta be producing high-quality content. No one having an iPhone potato. Yeah, please go upgrade your phones if you can. Like I get financial resources, but like this is your business. You can go write it off as like a, as an expense and tax deductible, whatever. So upgrading that. This is like a couple things. So one, please use hashtags. I attribute so much of my growth to using some really niche hashtags, right? So I wouldn't necessarily use #girlboss because that has millions and millions of uses. I would use hashtag #girlswhohustle, right? So using niche really targeted hashtags is going to be an essential way to really grow and get in front of your ideal client. - Isabella 

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