The Guava Girl Podcast #25: Building Your Business & Brand With Anna Nassery from BrandUp

Feb 20, 2019

 The Guava Girl Podcast was created with the purpose of empowering women to think entrepreneurially and creatively so they may lead the extraordinary life they never thought possible.

Here you will find the good, the bad, and most importantly, the REAL inside looks of what it is like to work for yourself and feel empowered by doing it. We talk about growing your following on social media, building a personal brand, and what it is like being a woman in a startup culture.

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In This Episode You’ll Hear About:

In this episode of The Guava Girl Podcast: we talk about BUILDING BRANDS! Learn about how to develop your business (& brand!) from the branding genius herself - Anna from BrandUp

No one knows what the fuck that they're doing when it comes to branding on Instagram, on their websites, on their products. And Anna is a branding design genius. I have literally never met someone more type A or design brand or the and just has an eye for what looks good and what is going to make it you a fuck ton of money. 

Check out her website and use code GUAVA for a discount on her brand shop!

Topics we go over:

1. Creating a personal brand! From being on a budget to professional branding!

We cover the importance of: 

  1. Defining your audience.
  2. Finding your niche and creating your ideal client Avatar! 
  3. The power of copywriting!
  4. Consitency is key! 

2. The ART of how to build sales pages that WORK.  

"Girl, you got to do the work, to write that copy, you know, look up some Dan Kennedy, some Ray Edwards and Donald Miller, figure out these blueprints for copywriting and then figure out your tone of voice." - Anna

3. Determining when the best time to start investing major $$ into your business. AKA: When to use Wix vs hiring a developer.  

4. Steps to start defining your audience - make sure your message is going to the right people & MORE!!  

"I always tell my clients should, you know, to pick like two or three and you know, create like buyer personas for them. You can get as intricate as this as you want, where you can make it super vague, right? So, you know, like what did they do for a living, where do they live, what publications do they read, what podcasts do they listen to, and then look at those brands!" - Anna

Q + A:

What makes a good brand? 

So I think, out of my heart, I can think of like building a brand that converts as something that requires a lot of foundational work, right? So people think of branding and it's such a vague state, it's such a vague term, right? And, um, people think, oh, a logo, colors, you know, a pretty website. That's what I'm talking these visuals, right? But like when it comes down to it, branding is the emotions that people feel

When they think of it, you Isabella, like who you are, what you offer. When I, I think of you, I think of somebody that is smart as fuck, right? You bring a lot of value, but you're also playful, you're friendly, you're fun, you're tongue in cheek, you know. And I think the website for instance and the brand that we built for you go on your website and you feel that when you think of Isabella and who you are and what you offer, like all those, those terms I just described, you go on your website and you feel that everything from your photos to the colors, your fonts are playful, your CTA on, your buttons are playful, they're all like, give me the dates. And they're written in your tone of voice.

What advice do you give to those girls who can't afford to hire a developer or copywriter? 

You have to have a good feel for like, okay, you know, if I can't hire somebody, to do your website right now, what are the best practices? How am I going to absolutely crush it at this and my industry? And the way you kind of do that as like, honestly, look at your competitors, look your competition!

Let's say you're a candle company and you're, you know, you're making candles in your kitchen, look at like volume spa or dipped teak or like look at one of the big channel companies and look at how they've positioned themselves. Look at how their websites are set up, how they're structured. 

What are your thoughts on do it yourself sites for girls who are just starting their career journey?

Yeah. So I'm all about it. I'm all about rolling up your sleeves in the beginning and getting it done yourself.

If you're looking to do it on your own sites like Wix are excellent. Also, Squarespace is really good too. It's beautiful. Squarespace has like a bunch of really beautiful, I'm beautiful themes you could go with on that route. And there are some, um, if you, I don't know if you're familiar with go live, go live is a great resource for Squarespace themes. 

What's your advice for your copy and message being recognized around the web? 

You know, I think showing up cohesive across all touchpoints.

So whether it's this brand that you've made yourself, like I think having that cohesive and consistent tone of voice on your Instagram captions and your website and your emails and then having the same fonts or color usage across all three as well. I think consistency really breeds legitimacy. So I think that's a really important thing for people. You know, if, let's say you don't have anything super professional right now, as long as it's consistent I think is super important.

What advice would you give to them? To the girl who's like, I feel like I have to show up all the time, but I'm getting drained out, but I'm also not seeing the results I want.

I would love to spend some time on this because I feel a lot of the guava girls listening, they are either stressing out about working on their business every day because nine to five or they are a slave to their clients or they are a slave to slack, Instagram, Facebook, and they're kind of just like, where do I shut off? Like where's the line between, hey, I showed up for my business. Oh, Shit, wait, I didn't, now I have to like engage for 30 minutes, but it's like eight o'clock at night. - Isabella 

I think having that association with the external validation really fuels that. And I think that takes a lot of, I know this is very overused and you see it left and right, but it's almost like self-love. You have to like tell yourself like, dude, I'm, I'm good, I'm great. I'm, I'm safe, I'm fine. I, you know, I deserve happiness. And then from there, let your work and what you do for a career fuel that, you know, let it be a part of that. But don't let that be the main thing. - Anna

If things aren't in your control, this is like your safe space that you know you can excel. And so I think having that self-awareness and seeing that, you know, okay, this is, you know, there are things outside of my work that can bring me happiness and fulfillment and then that'll, that'll get you the balance of where you want to be. And at the end of the day, I think that will elicit a better quality of work. You know, if you're more balanced and you're not sleep deprived and burnt. - Anna

What's a book recommendation you'd recommend for all business owners and startups! 

Ryan Holiday wrote a really wonderful book that I read early on in my career called growth hacker marketing, which actually I got inspired to read that after my first startup and I learned so much. That's something I would highly recommend to your audience. Growth Hacker marketing. It kind of talks to you through just how to bootstrap, how to launch, how to launch a company, how to market it, what to focus on, and a bunch of strategies behind that I think. 

What website designs does your company offer? 

 So we do custom Wordpress sites, We offer custom Kajabi websites, and we're the only, we're the only agency that really specializes in building and designing custom Kajabi and we also do Squarespace platforms!

Tell us about your brand shop? 

I formulated this a brand shop, which is basically a way for people to get a brand identity built in two to three days at one. It's like one-seventh, the price of working with a brand designer one-on-one. So my brands, the brands are under, it's under $400 bucks. And um, right now I launched with, I have about seven logos right now and every month I'm releasing new ones. So the way it works is you go into the branch shop, you pick a logo that you like upon purchasing it, you got access to my library of color palettes and my library of font combinations, which is like a header font and a body fought. And you said tools for your website that you think you can use normally for your website, for like your social media graphics and things like that.

And then in a small handful of days, we customize the logo that you chose to your business name, your color palette of choice, and we package it up in a brand guide pdf!

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