The Guava Girl Podcast #38: WRITE TO SELL with Million Dollar Word Stylist Apryl Beverly

May 27, 2019
Welcome to episode 38 of The Guava Girl Podcast!

The Guava Girl Podcast was created with the purpose of empowering women to think entrepreneurially and creatively so they may lead the extraordinary life they never thought possible.

Here you will find the good, the bad, and most importantly, the REAL inside looks of what it is like to work for yourself and feel empowered by doing it. We talk about growing your following on social media, building a personal brand, and what it is like being a woman in a startup culture.

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  • Following your own goals (& not others' expectations)
  • How to turn your passion into profit  
  • Making sure your personality shines through your content 
  • Relating to your audience 
  • Amplifying your brand voice
  • How to use "that you's" & "so you can's"
  • Practicing a work/life blend 


  • 10:10: Apryl's story
  • 14:30: Turning your passion into profit
  • 17:43: The behind the scenes of social media (& the know, like & trust factor)
  • 20:14: Being yourself in your messaging 
  • 28:35: Actionable steps to improve your copy
  • 31:20: How to use (& what are) "that you's" and "so you can's"
  • 39:45: Having a work/life blend
  • 44:43: Closing advise - your words matter


“relate on a human level before selling" 

"Copywriting is the art of having a sales conversation in writing"

"Your audience has to know you, like you, and trust you before they can buy from you"

"People can no longer hide behind the brick and mortar... we want to see the people behind the business" 

 "You have permission to show up as you are"

"Don't let your head get in the way of what your heart has to say


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