Sep 02, 2019

 Welcome back to the Guava Girl Podcast! Here are highlights from episode #46 Caption Copycat - Social Media Plagiarism. 

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  • [0:12] My personal experience with copying and why people feel the need to copy.


  • [1:02] The most commonly copied content I see is courses (this is illegal!), Instagram captions, sales page copy and sales page design.


  • [1:17] Why does copying happen?  When the public sees your content, and it is so inspiring and motivating, and they are in complete agreement with what you have created with your heart and soul, they want to create that for themselves.  But they can’t possibly imagine communicating the message better than you, so they copy it. They don’t think you could possibly see it.


  • [2:32] Consider the person on the other side of the copying, the one whose content you “stole.”  They are feeling like they’ve had their creativity and their voice stolen from them.


  • [3:00] We need more ethics in this industry.


  • [4:41] How do you handle caption copycats?  Nip it in the butt immediately. Reach out, explain how it made you feel, but come from a place of understanding and empowerment.  Ask them to take it down if it’s truly word for word.


  • [6:30] Why must you speak up?  By not doing so, you are continuing the problem and it is eating up your energy.


  • [8:37] Someone copying you has absolutely NOTHING to do with your future success.




“But you are good enough. And the content you put out is unique. And you can put more into your own writing and you can improve yourself as a writer.”


“… when someone sees your Instagram caption that you spend like your heart, you pour your heart and soul into this writing. It is so you. This is coming from a place of vulnerability. It's coming from a place of true service. And when they see it, they're so inspired and they're so motivated …”


“Imitation is the truest form or highest form of flattery. And I do agree with it. But the way that it makes the other person feel is as if you stole something from them.”


“So by not nipping it in the butt, we're allowing this copycat disease to be spreading around in the way that we're putting energy into it, when we really don't have to. We understand where it comes from. It comes from a place of them not feeling that they are enough.”


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