COVID-19 GUAVA GUIDE by Isabella Silverio

Mar 17, 2020


Just like you, I am also looking at my phone 16x per minute hoping for a Breaking News headline that says “COVID-19, No Longer A Threat!” Until that time, I wanted to give you a synopsis of how a potential decline can affect your online business. This post is divided up into several sections  - so feel free to jump around and get what you need.

Scripts, Tips, Thoughtful Insight 


First and foremost: wash your hands. Do not leave the house unless it is to buy food, go to work, pick up prescriptions, or go to a hospital. I’ve paused my membership at Orange Theory and am going on jogs around the neighborhood to get some sun and fresh air. 

A little about myself: my name is Isabella “Guava” Silverio and I am an online business coach who teaches women how to embody their CEO through practices surrounding building teams, personal branding, scaling their revenue, and creating healthy boundaries. I love all things business, Chanel,...

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