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A self-study course for women entrepreneurs to peak inside the inner workings of a 7-figure business

by Isabella Silverio

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There's a lot more to running a successful business than being a good coach and posting sassy, crowd-pleasing captions on Instagram — and nobody out there is teaching it to you. Until now.


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You can be the best in the world at what you do, but if you don’t know how to handle your business like a CEO, you’re not built to last.

Do you think the multiple-6-figure and 7-figure coaches you follow are flying by the seat of their pants...or do you think they’ve got their sh*t on lock, constantly evolving as they expand their teams, their systems, and their visions?

I can tell you from experience, it’s the second one. My first year in business, I banked $177,000. My second year? $750,000. And that kind of exponential growth doesn’t happen by accident either.

I’ve been curating and refining my signature framework for the last 11 months in my business...and that’s the CEO Embodiment Method.

I’ve fine-tuned this framework with more than a hundred women who’ve used it to replace their income, scale to multiple 6- and 7-figures, build high-performing teams, and elevate their personal brands. Now it’s your turn.

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 🌈Learn how to stop living in reactive mode in your life and business. NEWSFLASH, BABE: Nothing can take your power, so stop acting like everything is life or death

 🌈Plan your sales plan welllllllllll in advance so you always know where your future income is comin’ from (no more late night sweating over your rent bill)

 🌈Harness your leadership skills so you can motivate others to help you and reach your own potential

 🌈Expand your beliefs around what’s possible for you. Because you can’t grow higher than the ceiling you’ve built for yourself.

 🌈Build systems + automations that free up your time and turn your business into a well-oiled, money-making, time-freeing machine #therobotsarecomingandtheyareheretohelp

 🌈Establish your Bigger Than God mission you can execute on until they putcha into the ground

 🌈Hire supportive AF team members who make scaling like a skyscraper possible — and happen so much faster

 🌈Create a binge-worthy brand where clients fangirl over you and buy everything you sell

 🌈Make calculated, confident decisions that yield you more impact, income and joy

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This is like having a voyeur’s backstage pass into the inner workings of the guava girl empire — and the exact 3-step process we’ve followed to scale to a team of 7, a loyal following of nearly 19,000 guava girls™, and an annual revenue of $750,000  — without falling apart at the seams

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Powerful Launch & Sales Training

Branding Yourself Bougie For Instagram


Copywriting Mastery


Profitable Email Sequence Setup


Handing Failed Payments & SOP


Isabella's Travel Report


Inside look into our Asana board


Content Marketing Hire


My Unique Course Creation Process


Prospecting new leads 24/7 365


The 5-step Positive Partnerships Process

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🔥5 Guava Girl™ trainings on burning topics like Self Care like a CEO, Why You Don't Sell Out Your Programs, Prospecting New Leads 24/7, and My Course Creation Process
(VALUE: $1,497)

🔥Behind-the-scenes tell all’s on how Isabella manages her team, so she can stay in her role as Head Guava Girl
(VALUE: $497)

🔥A quarterly planning video to help you map out your sales, launches and marketing for the next 90 days
(VALUE: $297)

🔥The ultimate coaching call archive, where Isabella pulls her best coaching calls of all time (Watching just one of these is guaranteed to make you a better coach)
(VALUE: $1,197)

🔥A “finish the month with a bang” training so you can maximize the heck out of the next 30 days (It’s never too late to hit that income goal, girl!)
(VALUE: $197)

🔥The foolproof way for handling failed payments training call
with Isabella’s team
Knowing how to collect money forever? priceless.

Victor + Isabella 4EVAH training on how we keep our relationship Cuban spicy while running a hugely successful business
(VALUE: $297)

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4 Weeks of Private Guava CEO Facebook Group access to rub elbows with other CEOs just like you. Who knows? You might just meet your new best babe.
(VALUE: $2,000)

2 LIVE Q&A calls inside the Facebook community where Isabella will answer your most burning questions on how to apply the CEO Embodiment Method to your unique business .

(VALUE: $497)

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17 Video Trainings + Community of Like-Minded CEO's + CEO Alum Facebook group to connect with other CEOs

One time payment of $597

get all of the goodness when you checkout!


Two monthly payments of $329

trainings & content dripped 










"If you want an inside look in the way Isabella runs her business then this bundle is literally made for you. "

The CEO Embodiment Bundle has been really valuable to me because it gave me an inside look in the way Isabella runs her business. This is really helpful because Isabella knows exactly what to focus on and what to do so that her business runs smoothly.

Furthermore, through the videos I could easily implement Isabella’s strategies, business structures and processes which helped me optimize my business in the short and long term. 

I would totally recommend this bundle to anyone who is looking for a business structure that actually works for you instead of against you. If you want to learn more about project management, managing people and if you want an insight look in the way Isabella runs her business then this bundle is literally made for you. 

One of the big advantages is that I now know what to focus on in my business and how I can create a team that actually supports me and helps me to build a thriving business.

Another thing that I LOVED about the CEO Embodiment Bundle is the way you explained how to create courses and other information resources within your business. Overall, it's been an amazing investment and I am glad I made the decision to buy the bundle!

Marie Louise , Productivity Business Coach

"Learning from her, has transformed my coaching business and has allowed me to implement systems that were missing."

In 2017, I had the pleasure of seeing Isabella speak at a community education session about Instagram marketing in Gainesville, FL. The first thing I noticed was her passion, and how deeply committed she was to wanting to help people (especially women)achieve their dreams. Seeing her grow as an entrepreneur and woman has been an beautiful thing to witness. Learning from her, has transformed my coaching business and has allowed me to implement systems that were missing.

When she launched the CEO Embodiment Course, I didn’t hesitate and purchased because I knew an opportunity to learn from her would take me + my business to new levels. I know Isabella is a heart centric coach, and her courses are designed to not only give you the tools you need to create systems and processes in your business but also the inspiration to take action. I hope you have the opportunity to learn how delightful it is to learn from her!

Amber Connelly , Transformation Coach


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