An intimate coaching intensive for women entrepreneurs who are craving
a sophisticated action plan (& bunches of fun)

Have you been craving a much-needed weekend getaway?

Same here girl. I want to bring you under my wing for an intimate 2-day experience full of incredible growth, female empowerment & total badassery. My goal is to provide you with an effective sales plan + engage-worthy content to have the perfect business vacay.

Want yummy food,
firechat conversations + newfound confidence
you can take home? Keep reading.

Empowerment, strategy
& a tan you can take home


Tell me if this sounds like you:

  • Your business has hit a slump, and so have your sales.
  • You want to nail down your 2019 & 2020 launch calendar so that you
    can breathe knowing that your financials are secure.
  • You are 100% OVER the income rollercoaster and wish to increase your monthly
    recurring revenue.
  • You value freedom as an entrepreneur, but are not practicing it enough! You
    are still shackled to your business wondering “When will I finally be able to work
    less and make MORE?”.
  • You’ve been mentored before, but you are looking for something different
    (and fun!) to invest into.
It’s time to LEVEL UP Guava Girl, so that you can crush your #bigscarygoals and live a life of freedom.

What are you going to walk away with?

My goal is to provide you with intentional strategy that you can implement headache-free. Running a business should be challenging, but not difficult. Together, we will remove all roadblocks standing in your way to have the business of your dreams.

99.9% of all business bottlenecks can be solved with either:

  • a sophisticated launch strategy
  • higher-level brand positioning . ..or
  • hiring a driven team players who are the perfect fit for your biz

The good news? I’m a master in all 3 subjects

Get ready to deep dive into:

Lead Generation

Lead Generation

You simply don’t have time to be chasing potential clients anymore and you want to be magnetizing the right people into YOUR funnel.

Passive Income

Passive Income

Did you know I generate over $15,000 in passive income every single month? Together we will brainstorm a passive income product that aligns with your biz, so you can make MORE by working less.

Fool-Proof Launch Calendar

Fool-Proof Launch Calendar

We will be replacing “I don’t know what to do next!” with “Wow, I have my next 3 luanches planned out? That was easy!”.

Brand Building + Authority Positioning

Brand Building + Authority Positioning

Do you want to be standing out from the rest in your niche? Crave an audience that is obsessed with your every move? Don’t worry babe, I’ll spill my branding + authority building secrets over poolside cocktails

Walk in a wide-eyed novice, leave a fierce business warrior

Okay, I’m listening. What’s included?:

Mini Lifestyle Brand

Your business will thrive and you’re going to need content to match. Bring a cute outfit or two and start practicing your CEO smirk.

2 days of High Level Workshops & Trainings
with Isabella

Get ready to receive a fully laid-out sales and launch plan & fool-proof strategy to go with it. You WILL* leave feeling full + ready to take calculated action.

Female Empowerment
Fireside Chats

Fun Fact: The Guava Girl Tribe is for #coolgirlsonly and if you’re this far down in the sales page, that means you would be a great fit *wink wink*. You will meet & connect with incredible women who are as driven as you, & expand your online network.

5- Star Catered meals + endless
Guava Mimosas

If we want to a multi 6-figure business, we have to show up like a multi-6 (or 7) figure CEO. We will raise our champagne-filled glasses and toast to your inevitable success over a super fancy meal.


  • San Francisco
  • TBA
*More Locations Added Soon!*


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