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Are you looking for a podcast speaker who can speak on diversity and feminism in entrepreneurship?

If you just went, “Oh my God, yes! Where have you been all my life, Isabella?!” (that’s me, by the way), then we should talk.

I’m Isabella Silverio, aka The Guava Girl™. I’m a top rated podcaster, CEO Embodiment Expert, and 7-figure Cubanita coach who shows entrepreneurs how to grow + make massive sales on Instagram using their expertise.

I ditched my dreams of becoming a doctor to pursue a business degree instead — and leveraged my experience working at 10+ tech start-ups to found the first and only female-focused consulting firm in the state of Florida in 2017. Now I’m the ringleader of the Guava Movement, where I empower entrepreneurially minded women to transform their ideas into thriving companies.



Isabella is available
to speak on:

  • The Inclusivity Problem: Why The Coaching Industry Needs To Step Up Their Game (Before It Puts Itself Right Out of Business)
  • How I used Instagram To Have My First Ever 6-Figure Launch
  • From Curing Cancer to Starting A Coaching Business:
    Why I Made the Switch
  • 11 Money Lessons from My (Formerly Rich AF) Abuela
  • What Working in a South African
    Shipping Container Taught Me
    About Running A Business Of My Own


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